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Different types of mortgage loans in De Land refer to mortgage insurance in different ways, and some mortgage loans have different requirements in Florida for the amount of coverage needed. De Land Florida mortgage loan insurance helps to protect the lender. Not all mortgages require insurance and the premium varies due to different criteria.

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Ask your De Land mortgage loan lender about special mortgage programs that do not require mortgage insurance in the state of Florida. These real estate loan programs in De Land typically have a higher interest rate but still the overall payment is less than with mortgage insurance.

De Land Florida Mortgages Real Estate Information

There are De Land mortgage loans for Florida residents that combine aspects of fixed and adjustable rate mortgages - with a fixed-rate for three to ten years, for example, then adjusting to market conditions. Ask your mortgage lender about these and other special kinds of mortgages that might fit your specific financial situation.

De Land home equity loans are for Florida homeowners who want to borrow up to 100 percent of the value of thier real estate. A De Land Home Equity Loan lets you borrow a specific amount of your home's equity. It is ideal when you know how much money you will be spending and would like a set monthly payment. 30 year terms available for loans above $35,5000. Loan amounts to $249,000.

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