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We understand there are potential Florida real estate buyers with less than "perfect" credit. Just because you may have some derogatory credit does not mean that you do not qualify for a real estate mortgage loan! We help families purchase a home in Ft Walton when others companies have turned them down. We are able to offer Ft Walton Florida residents many real estate mortgage loans and programs that other lenders can't.

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Check Ft Walton Florida mortgage loans "no down payment" and "100% financing" mortgages. Ft Walton interest rates are dependent on a number of factors such as source and type of income and other criteria. Our staff is ready to answer any questions you may have concerning real estate mortgages.

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Payment frequency is not the major factor in reducing the amortization period of your mortgage. Principal reduction is! But what about all the talk of bi-weekly payments taking 5 years off your amortization period. Although you will save some interest making your payment bi weekly, ultimately it is the fact that your total payments each year are higher that results in the significant reduction in amortization. For instance, when a client chooses a bi weekly payment of $ 500 over a monthly payment of $ 1000, in fact they are choosing to pay an extra $ 1000 annually. In most cases a bi weekly payment is simply a monthly payment divided by two.

Even if you have had a bankruptcy, Florida foreclosure, collections, and/or other credit situations, we may be able to help. Ft Walton Florida residents check now for the best real estate mortgage loans available.

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