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Regardless of the amount of the down payment, Tavernier FHA requires a one time upfront fee of 2.25% of the real estate mortgage loan amount which, may be financed in with the loan. In addition to the upfront fee there is a yearly fee of 50% of the unpaid balance of the Tavernier real estate mortgage loan which is divided into 12 equal payments and paid monthly in the house payment. If the mortgage is paid in full within the first 7 years there may be a prorated refund of the upfront premium paid. The monthly mortgage insurance premium in Florida may not be waived regardless of the loan to, value.

Tavernier Florida Real Estate Buying Tips

A title policy in Tavernier Florida is required to obtain financing from a mortgage loan lender but it only covers the amount of the loan. An Owners Title Policy protects your equity. It usually is a small cost and well worth the price. Know what the surrounding area will be in a few years. Will there be an Airport, nuclear plant, shopping mall in the area of Tavernier you will be living in?

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Travernier lenders usually expect you to be able to make a down payment of between 10 and 20 percent of the house's price and to pay closing costs, often three to six percent of the loan amount. If you make a down payment of as little as five percent but less than 20 %, the lender will require you to pay for private mortgage insurance. Check for your rates online today. Get the best Tavernier rates available now.

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