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Florida Washington County real estate mortgage loan programs come in many forms and come from many sources. Just as the loan structure, like a 15 year fixed rate mortgage loan, can affect your mortgage interest rate and monthly loan payments, the source of funding for your home loan can also affect your rate and payments. The source of funding can also affect the amount of your down payment and home closing costs. Now is the time to check your Washington County home mortgage loan rate.

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Ask your Washington mortgage loan lender about special mortgage programs that do not require mortgage insurance in the state of Florida. These real estate loan programs in Washington typically have a higher interest rate but still the overall payment is less than with mortgage insurance.

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When purchasing Washington Florida real estate remember that a lower interest rate allows you to borrow more money than a high rate with the same monthly payment. Interest rates can fluctuate as you shop for a loan, so ask lenders if they offer a rate "lock-in" which guarantees a specific interest rate for a certain period of time. Remember that a lender must disclose the Annual Percentage Rate (APR) of a loan to you. The APR a mortgage loan by expressing it in terms of a yearly interest rate. It is higher than the interest rate because it also includes the cost of points, mortgage and other fees included in the loan.

Washington home equity loans are for Florida homeowners who want to borrow up to 100 percent of the value of thier real estate. A Washington Home Equity Loan lets you borrow a specific amount of your home's equity. It is ideal when you know how much money you will be spending and would like a set monthly payment. 30 year terms available for loans above $35,5000. Loan amounts to $249,000.

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